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  • KD 15 'All-Star' Men's DV1199-100 KD 15 'All-Star' Men's DV1199-100

KD 15 'All-Star' Men's DV1199-100

Color : White

Brand : Nike

Style : DV1199-100

Category : MENS

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KD’s argument as 1 of the best of all time is encased in stone. The ripple effect from the Slim Reaper’s evolutionary talents can be traced and celebrated by hoop-heads hundreds of years from now. Like petrified wood, each ring of KD’s legendary career tells a different tale of greatness, preserving a legacy that lives on for generations. The KD15 provides what he wants: Plenty of bounce, a secure fit and a broken-in feel, with a look made just for All-Star Weekend.


Lace Up, Lace In

The laces feed through floating wings along the sides. When you tighten the laces, the wings pull down to help hold your foot in place.


Smooth, Springy Sensation

Soft, full-length foam plus a visible Zoom Air Strobel unit provide a dual layer of cushioning that's soft, smooth and responsive. It eliminates the need for extra layers and brings the energy-returning sensation right up under your foot.


Broken-In Comfort

Reduced layers throughout the upper strip away unnecessary weight to enhance the feeling of broken-in comfort.


Grip and Go

The outsole pattern looks like a topographical map, with an array of contoured ridges that bend and deflect in multiple directions to provide traction for every move. We molded "EASY" into the rubber as a nod to KD's effortless game.

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