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Puma x BMW

To commemorate Puma’s collab with BMW we tapped BMW enthusiast and 6th Speed Automotive member Khorie Lewis to share what his cars and community means to him. “We all met randomly, in passing, giving thumbs up to cars, that eventually turned to conversations,” Khorie told us.

Collections that bring you together. Collections that you can show off on the streets. Collections that you nurture. “Cars are our first loves, our passions, our escape. It connects us as a collective, and as individuals being that we all have different aesthetics as far as our cars go,” Khorie explains.

“We’re also avid sneaker collectors which bridges a huge gap, and low key results in some friendly feets competition at times,” says Khorie.

Kicks and cars are a natural combination, but family comes first for this collective. Khorie’s take - “We always connect on family, accomplishments, and anything positive in the works. We’re more brothers than a car club. If one of us reaches for help, we all extend our hands. That’s the nature of who we are.”


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