adidas x WOODstack OZELIA Better Days

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WOODstack Brown and Gold Accents: The rich brown and shimmering gold accents of the shoe
pay homage to Woodstack, drawing inspiration from both the cultural preservation
qualities and the sophisticated aesthetic of wood, while the gold elevates the overall
look of the shoe.

IVY The Green Symbolism: Green, the color of growth and renewal, represents Ivy, our
Women's-only store. It symbolizes the flourishing and empowerment of women in our
community, showcasing their unwavering strength.

Treehouse-Inspired Footbed: The footbed of the sneaker is intended to mirror the rings of a
tree. Each ring represents a year of growth and experience, while the branches
extending from the rings signify Treehouse, the Kids-only store. This element embodies
the nurturing environment of our community, where the young ones are encouraged to
reach for the stars.